Iron Maiden

I have just been listening to a song by Iron Maiden and a section of the song went “as soon as you’re born you’re dying”.
I found this quite an interesting view to have, after all, what is the point of living out our lives if all we are doing is waiting to die.
But then if people hadn’t lived out their lives and learnt “things” we wouldn’t as a species on this planet.
We have been put on this planet to educate ourselves and reproduce. To secure the survival of the human race we need to be able to carry on producing more of US and learn from everything around us. What is good for us, what is bad for us, if we do this will it help me somehow?
We teach ourselves everyday how to survive and we each have our own way of doing this.Whether is be going to work and learning new skills or just finding something out that we didn’t know this morning when we left the house. Attending a place of education whether it be pre school, infant school, primary, comprehensive, college university. We go there to learn about what we need and learn how the people who came before us learnt and taught others,so that everyone has knowledge, invaluable knowledge such as, in the beginning, your elders will help you learn to to walk, to feed yourself, to get yourself dressed, to listen, to talk, to play. In the early stages of school you are taught to read and write, which are necessary skills be able to communicate with each other, more play, of a more constructive level, interaction with fellow children is an excellent way of learning what other children have already been taught and for other children to learn what your child knows. As the child grows they will learn respect, logic, reasoning, communication, creativity, discipline, how to fend for themselves, whether it be feeding themselves or defending themselves, entertaining themselves and knowing how to keep themselves warm in the harshness of winter and cool in the heat of the dry seasons.
Once we reach the age where a child can legally leave education the child should be able to fend for themselves and provide a safe environment for them to reproduce all over again.
Some young adults will decide to better themselves even more by entering into college and then further down the line university.
Even if we don’t choose the further education route, we as a learning species will always keep on learning, it just depends on what level. The pace in which the human race is learning is forever increasing. We are a more knowledgeable society through learning what our ancestors taught us through their learning.
The products we design through gaining knowledge through education are more advanced than ever up until now, who knows what the future creative people on the planet will bring to us.
Futuristic objects which we have only seen and heard of on the screen and in books might not be fictional in the not to distant future.
The time machine, a hover board, full meals in a single pill, deep space exploration, teleport, even realistic humanoid robots.
With play and exploration and the knowledge that is now on our finger tips. The ability to learn is endless.
All this learning, is it a good thing or will we shoot ourselves in the foot by learning too much too quickly and not being able to control the advancement. Weapons and Hi tech computer systems are two items that spring to mind whilst I write this. Are the weapons too deadly now, are the top computer systems becoming too powerful and where will we stop.
Obviously humans being humans will not stop, they need to know more, and they need to better themselves. This will always be the case, we will not change.
So back to the lyrics I mentioned at the beginning of this blog “as soon as you’re born, you’re dying”. It is a well known fact that there are only three certain things in your life, you are born, you take a few breaths and then you die. It is up to you what you do with the time you are given. Make sure positivity is always up there in your list of things to do while I am living, and we have all got the gift of knowledge and creativity within us so make sure you use these gifts


Digital future

Although hand drawn illustration has been around for centuries and will never go away, the future of illustration design is changing rapidly. With computer generated images and animation being used more and more these days, the hand drawn image is becoming a more redundant way of producing a final piece. Sketching and working drawings will still be used to plan but more and more companies are using computer generated.

In my opinion it is a shame because nothing compares to the hand drawn or painted piece of artwork and the care and time an artist will put into his/her composition. I have tried using  my computer recently to compose computer generated images and although they are effective and quick to produce, you would have to admit that the care, love and hours that the traditional artist will put into their work does not compare.

Here is an example of each subject.

Wales v Scotland

Woooaaahh! What a finish to a rugby game. I have never seen a game with a finish like   that. Talk about the Welsh playing with pride and passion. Last week was a major disappointment and so was the first half of this game. But the second half and the last five minutes inparticular was played to perfection and Wales scoring the winning try in the final play of the game, it doesn’t get anymore intense. final score 24-31 to Wales, Come on Wales!!!

An extract from a conversation between Barry Munitz and Jeffrey Levin.

This is an extract from a conversation between Barry Munitz and Jeffrey Levin, editor of conservation, the GCI newsletter.

Barry munitz:

“When you get past food, clothing, and shelter stages, which are obviously critical, you can’t have a full-blown, sophisticated, thoughtful, caring social community absent a humanistic tradition that includes the arts. That’s the difference between a core society and a fully flowered social community. When the arts go, you lose the texture, as we are losing it now in public schools because we’re losing the arts. Arts add perspective, settings, comparison and insight”

This is a section of the conversation that stopped me and I read again and again. Trying to understand what he meant. In the end I came up with the conclusion that he was making a statement about the passion which we need to function, whether it is love, or hate, feeling of happiness and sadness, sorrow,  joy, envy, pity or just a small show of affection towards another human being. All these feelings are a necessity in the art world and in the lives that we lead everyday.

Our lives are set out to a design which we decide on ourselves, and the decisions we make design our future. If we eat healthy foods then we are more likely to live and feel better in ourselves, go out and progress with our lives in a more positive way. The person we decide to marry has a massive impact on the life we choose to enter, or maybe your decision is not to marry. Your sexuality, how large you plan your family (design your family). You are born into this world from a decision your parents made nine months previously, which was part of their design on their life. Whether you decide to stop and have a conversation, and before that conversation you were on your way to the shop to buy a local newspaper, which had your dream home for sale in but because of that conversation you never bought the newspaper and you never saw the house for sale which you would have bought if you had read the newspaper. Instead you go for a coffee with the person to carry on the conversation and find out he is your wife’s ex husband and the conversation which follows opens your eyes to other things in your life, these discoveries may change the whole course of your day. (sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent then).

Other aspects of our life which involve aspects of art and design are, and there is no getting away from them are the TV which the majority of people use to gain information or entertainment, the photographs and paintings which are hung on our wall or sit on our fireplace, the books which we read have either come from the imagination of the author or from the experiences of the author telling you their life story. The conversations we have is a form of art as there is a skill to having a conversation, which I sadly do not possess, I would rather use my hands and my eyes to have that silent communication. The computer games we play have many different aspects from the art world incorporated in them. The buildings we live in and work in- someone has sat down and designed it. The roof which covers us and keeps us free from the elements-someone has used their skills and knowledge to lay. The handmade front door which we use to enter our home-a craftsperson would have created that from lengths of timber lying in a pile on a work bench somewhere. The vehicle we use would have had many different designers working on it to make it as safe and comfortable for you.

I could keep on going as everything I have mentioned previously has some element of artistic or creative scope to it-it all starts at the drawing board and has taken one or more crafted and skilled persons to bring the drawings to life.

Things are built less these days by hand due to the machinery available-but then again think about it someone has sat down and designed the machinery to do the job of many hands.

Almost every single item in our lives has some kind of design attached to it. You could say Mother Nature designed the world in which we live in, including mankind and we have learnt to design a world inside our world.

Bobbies on the beat

I must say, recently I have spotted policemen on foot walking the streets in our town and I am pleasantly surprised at this  approach. It is how it should be. It is nice to see them patrolling the streets once again. It gives you a mild sense of safety, seeing them patrolling around where you live and where you let your children out to play. Carry on the good work.

I have just heard am item on the planet rock radio news. It claimed that teachers was saying that they were not properly trained to deal with violent pupils in the classroom………WHAT! …Teachers go to work to educate pupils and have their best interests at heart. They should not be given a reason to feel like this. Any Violent pupils should be expelled and allow the teachers to teach the pupils that want to learn. The teachers started teaching to help and give children a good education, the requirement of a black belt was never on the agenda.