Seasons animation revamped

We did our animation during the Easter break but it had no sound which let it down a lot, so I have added some effects. I think it a complete piece of animation now.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Drunken rant :)

I decided after leaving school 20 year ago to go to uni to do what I haver always wanted to do- draw.

Everyone has said to me that I should have done it along time ago, but thinking about it, where would I actually be now if I had?

I have 7 children who would not exist if I had gone to uni 20 years ago,and a grandson. These children would not exist if I had not met their mother and had followed the path that everyone told me to.

I think my life with my 6 daughters and a son is great, a bit hectic at times I must admit but I love it, I would have it no other way.

There was a time that during my 20’s I just wasted (and late teens) drinking and the such.But now , being 37 and a lot more responsible (I think) I have taken it upon myself to better my life and my family’s by going to uni.

I hope that when I finish my university course and start to lead the life that I feel that I am destined to my whole life will be different. Not the contentsof my life, just the path it takes and the end result.

(this was written after 10 cans of Carlsberg, so if it’s a bit eratic then so be it:))

Maybe this is me feeling a bit sentimental.

Anyway, just finishing this can then off to bedski.


Greek Gods in mythology

I have been researching the Greek gods for my phobia brief and have found it extremely interesting. The amount of gods that the Greeks had were astounding, they had one for every occasion, and Zeus was certainly a ladies man as he was the father of many smaller gods in Greek mythology, but the mothers of these offspring varied somewhat .

Milton Glaser vid

I find Milton Glaser’s views and ethics very interesting and in this short film he talks about a number of things that are close to him.

You will need to follow this link to watch it.