New York to North Wales

Not my type of music, but the lyrics are great. Radio 1’s Chris Moyles show’s version of Alicia Keys song.


Last semester’s animation with sound

I decided to include some sound with the animation from last semester, and thought I would post it up here 😉

It makes a big difference, don’t you think?

My Pastiche

We were asked to illustrate someone else’s work, using the same medium as what we thought they had used. So I have 3 main favourite artists, Lius Royo, Boris Vallejo and Allan Barbeau. I picked one of Allan’s.

This is Allan’s original artwork…

Then, I copied his work. It is drawn with ball point pen, but when I printed it out it looked like ball point and charcoal in the back ground. So that is what I did… updated with new prints available.

This, by the way was the final piece for my PDP. It is an A2 poster showing that from many ideas, comes 1 brilliant solution, but after group critique today I decided that the image was too dark and as it was meant to show the inside of your mind (the brain) the colours were all wrong, so I went backwards a little and came up with this which I think portrays more of what I am trying to show.What do you think?

Toy brief

Hey, I almost forgot about the toy brief. It has been that long since I finished that one but I will share it anyway.

We each, had to pick a toy or an item and I chose my poker set, and we were to incorporate the changing environment with it (climate change). With an A3 poster at the end of it.

After a number of goes at I did come up with a poster but it was nowhere near the first one I started out with.

These images show the creation of the final poster, from the earliest. This was when I decided to teach myself how to use photoshop properly, and go down this route for this brief.

Then I took some photo’s of me holding cards and mixed in a few other bits.

The sun seems to have a lot to do with climate change, so I thought I would use it.I liked this one, but it was recommended that I removed the text, or at least removed it from the image, so…

I have a large family, with 7 children of my own 2 step sons and a grandson, so I am concerned about the future for them and I do not want a life for them like what is depicted in the Highlander II film where the world lives in darkness under a huge shield that protects them from the suns harmful rays, so I think I was trying to say that, we, here now should not gamble with the future of our children, and the future of their children. After all they are the future and they  should be able to live in a bright, colourful environment and enjoy our beautiful world as we do now…anyway.

This is the final poster, which depicts the hand of god, or maybe the hand we are being dealt. Throwing everything in, in a huge gamble with the future of the world.

Photo’s of the forest at night.

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I went for a number of walks with my daughters to take photographs of the woods at night, I just thought I would share them with you, and ….

I thought I had finished the brief but with a little tweeking I added a bit more.

Setting the stage for my PDP (literally)

Well, I have been in my shed all evening making the stage for the illustration for my IDEA solution.

I took over 100 photographs and I thought I would share them with everyone.

I did come up with a couple that I can work with and am all set to edit the pictures to come up with the final image.

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