Original Acrylic on Car spray, on canvas, painting for sale

Acrylic painting on car spray, on canvas 1010mm x 760mm

I am putting this painting up for sale, it is up to you the customer to tell me how much you want to pay. I have had a lot of interest in it, but was not going to sell it.

If you are interested then email me with your offer. The highest offer by 7pm on 31 June 2010 (GMT).

You will be notified as to the status of your bid via email  and the painting once the painting paid for will be shipped out the following day.

Look forward to seeing what happens.

Either email me with your offer at martartoon@googlemail.com or leave a comment at the bottom of this blog, stating your offer.

Thank you Martin Williams (martartoon.co.uk)


Heavy gothic look

I have just been watching this video on you tube and I don’t know how goths have anytime to do anything except ‘get ready’.

I now know why you get a lot of gothic types who are arty, as there is certainly a requirement to be able to draw and paint (on your face)