Level 5, Here we go

Well it is the start of my second year at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales and the assignments have started bombarding me already. Over the summer break we were asked to research the word ‘flying’, which I did, and sort of struggled with for a little bit, but I think that was due to the brain dead state I was in due to the extremely long summer holidays and the fact that I allowed myself to get a bit lazy, (never again).

I started my research with a mind map but the word flying is so vast that I found myself going off on all sorts of tangents. From the history of aviation, to how flight is possible and some of the phrases that come from the word, such as fly off the handle, a fly in the ointment, fight or flight, high flyers, then onto mythical creatures from folklore and legend.

My sketch books have become quite full of ideas, some not so good and others do have some potential and the ideas still keep coming to me, which can be frustrating when I think I have found the subject or idea that I am going to follow and then something else pops into my head just to put the cat amongst the pigeons, grrr.

This is just a brief intro to ease me back into blogging, I will post progress of my work and any relevant info up on my blog, just like I did last year.

I hope you will keep giving me your feedback as it will help me move on, maybe in a different direction who knows, but it can only be good so keep checking as I am going to start blogging regularly again.