We were introduced to Claire Fouquet today. A french animator who had taken the time to come over to Wales and give a talk.
She is, or has been an artist in residence at ‘La Maison Du Auteurs’ in france (somewhere) and had received a 2 year place with them.
I found the talk today most informative as I have always wanted to work with animation but the course I am on does not allow for that due to the quick turn around of work that I must submit, and not having years to produce a masterpiece, (one day, eh?)
She mainly spoke of ‘Adaptation’ which is to choose a graphic novel and adapt it to the screen using animation.
We learnt that to make a project work we had to follow certain guidelines.
*Make it feasable-write the script according to your production capabilities (It might mean that you may need to shorten or shrink)
*Outline the project throughout the pre-production work: prepare all the elements needed that are needed by the production team.
*Production: get funded or do it yourself/with friends-premier it, send it to festivals, travel and get famous (if it’s good and selected, of course).
Then she gave us some pre-production musts for any animation production team to follow:
*Script writing.
*Choice of animation techniques, tests.
*Graphic bible;global aesthetics, main background, characters viewed from different angles, expressions etc.
*Storyboarding according to your budget and technique chosen.
*Animatic (optional)

Also, a big tip is to remember where the camera is positioned as when the camera revolves 180 degrees then you will get a completely different view.

I think I will email Claire to ask for advice as I am on an illustration course but would love to move over and use animation to make my illustrations move, I have wanted to do this for years but have never had the opportunity until now.


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