Helping out a colleague

One of my magazine group members, Of which there are four of us sent me a copy of the front and back cover of our magazine. He was not sure whether he would have enough time to finish them so I asked him to send them to me via email and I would have a look at them.

The drawings that he sent me were:

I too these drawings first into Illustrator to use the live trace tool there which vectored the line into solid black line then saved them as Ai files then opened the files in Photoshop, removed all but the black line and using layers behind the drawings turned these into…

The text in the front cover is just my own hand writing which I did in the same was but instead if having black line I inverted the layer.

I got the impression that, even though we had not allocated a leader, I was the person who did all the organising, made the facebook group, so that we could correspond with each other because I had a feeling that getting together in a group was going to be a bit of a problem.

Anyway, although the magazine was not actually printed, we have all got our individual pages done. Here are what I ended up with:

I am reasonably pleased with the outcome of them, some more than others but it’s not what I think it is what you, the general public think.

What do you think? Feedback is alway welcome-good or bad, I can take it.

These pages will be on display in the Butchers Market tomorrow, (Friday 13th May 2011) for everyone to view, so if you are in the area why not go take a look at mine and the other students work.


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