Helping out a colleague

One of my magazine group members, Of which there are four of us sent me a copy of the front and back cover of our magazine. He was not sure whether he would have enough time to finish them so I asked him to send them to me via email and I would have a look at them.

The drawings that he sent me were:

I too these drawings first into Illustrator to use the live trace tool there which vectored the line into solid black line then saved them as Ai files then opened the files in Photoshop, removed all but the black line and using layers behind the drawings turned these into…

The text in the front cover is just my own hand writing which I did in the same was but instead if having black line I inverted the layer.

I got the impression that, even though we had not allocated a leader, I was the person who did all the organising, made the facebook group, so that we could correspond with each other because I had a feeling that getting together in a group was going to be a bit of a problem.

Anyway, although the magazine was not actually printed, we have all got our individual pages done. Here are what I ended up with:

I am reasonably pleased with the outcome of them, some more than others but it’s not what I think it is what you, the general public think.

What do you think? Feedback is alway welcome-good or bad, I can take it.

These pages will be on display in the Butchers Market tomorrow, (Friday 13th May 2011) for everyone to view, so if you are in the area why not go take a look at mine and the other students work.


Finding a niche

Takes a look at the launch of a new magazine by the London College of Fashion

Today’s media landscape is complex. Newspapers are becoming ever more magazine-like while so-called customer or contract magazines are competing with the efforts of traditional publishers. As a result, many larger magazine publishers are cutting budgets and consolidating and folding titles while audiences shrink. And then there’s the spectre of the internet, which has completely changed our media consumption habits and put publishers on the back-foot. Yet, there is no reason to think magazines are heading for the scrapheap of dead media. Despite the huge growth in web-based publishing, not to mention blogging, the independent magazine sector is stronger than ever. Editorial design, meanwhile, remains an important discipline. “Magazine design requires a slightly different approach because the words are so important. Your job is to keep the interest of the reader,” says design consultant Matthew Ball, who has worked on titles as diverse as Mixmag,Popular Science and Rolling Stone. Broadly speaking, magazines break down into four categories: newsstand, controlled-circulation, customer titles published under contract for a client and free-distribution titles such as event guides.

I thought the above paragraph from was very relevant to us as we design our magazine. Some more interesting reading…

Before you start your magazine, go to a newsstand and purchase a few magazines that catch your eye. Take them home and try to decide WHY they caught your eye…………


According to ‘Redwood’ a magazine publisher the average magazine is read for approximately 30 minutes, delivering time and engagement with your customers, high brand awareness and measurable incremental sales. click the link to watch their magazine showreel.

Magazines that Redwood work with include:

Magazine Showreel

 They are a well established magazine publishers, working with some extremely well known magazines and businesses.
As well as magazines they work with e-zines which are not printed magazines replicated online,  but a whole new interactive, video rich experience that delivers time and engagement with your brand, and measurable response from the customers.
Magazines have been around for a long time and have never been so popular, contrary to some polls. E-zines have only been around for a short time in comparison to their sister format but their popularity is growing all the time with the ease that consumers and readers can access the online version of their favourite magazine with out leaving the comfort of their home.

The magazine so far

It has not been easy working as a group. Getting everyone together has been a major problem and the only real contact we have had with each other is through ‘Facebook’.

I have set up a closed group on facebook so that we can get in touch with each other but getting the rest of the group to reply has been a nightmare. So lack of communication has slowed the process down no end.

It was myself who came up with the idea for the magazine, myself who started up the facebook group, me who suggested the name. I recommended that we work on our own pages, which were to be based on what the magazine was about.

I have not seen anyone else’s work which is a worry as the deadline is looming.

I asked Jake to design the cover and gave him a few ideas that were floating around in my head. I thought that, because of the style of illustrations that Jake is capable of producing he would make the most effective cover.

Anyway, I hope that the magazine all comes together in the next week because if it doesn’t it will be a shame. I know that we only have to show our own work at the exhibition on Friday and Saturday but I would like to get all the artwork/pages together and print off a single edition of the magazine

Urban Picnic Brochure (some eye catching designs I came across in my research)

Urban Picnic

Ant and blanket pattern graphics are used to interperet the common picnic in this event brochure for Architecture Week. Using architecture stencils as the basis for the typography, the brochure has contrasting colours which reflect building materials. The choice of colors is impressive and eye-catching: this is what makes a good brochure design. Created by Rob Brearley, RGB design studio.

42 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

ALPHA_TXT has developed into Typeface that represents the evolution of the English language. It reflects the way that we communicate due to our global society. ALPHA_TXT reflects this issue by abbreviating individual characters in the English alphabet. It is governed by same rules imposed as SMS messaging on a mobile telephone keypad. Designed by Viv Greywoode.

Blue in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

45-3 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

45-2 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

Premsela Booklets
Catchy colors meet dark booklet meet beautiful typography meet grids. Appealing editorial design by Robin Uleman.

4 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

4-2 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

Capital Jest Booklet
Well, this is a sexy design. Notice how well tiny square at the right bottom corner of the cover stand for the corporate identity of the company: altough being tiny, they are very distinctive and attractive. Corporate & brand identity by studio FIRMA for company Capital Jets, specialized in business aviation. Included creating logo, full brand identity, web design, copywriting, design of exhibition stands, corporate stuff, booklets, design of corporate cars and airplanes. Designed by Firma.

7 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

7-3 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

7-2 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

Alba Product Folder
This booklet is definitely hard to overlook. Designed by A-Side Studio.

22 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

22-2 in Beautiful Brochures and Booklets

My pages for ‘Stepping Out’ magazine.

For our magazine I have decided to do a double page spread article on how to make the perfect roast beef sandwich, a single page on job interview advice and I might design a page on financial advice and I still have one more double page spread to think about which I am undecided as of yet.

The recipe

I have got to change the pictures of the beef to some illustrations as, I thought to myself, why am I putting illustrations in the article when I am an illustrator. So I have designed 2 illustrations to replace the images that sit on the 2nd page at present, and they are a bit more interesting than the ones at present, I just have to place them on the page.

Advice corner

The text from this page was taken from the Direct Gov website which gives job seekers advice. I had originally placed photographs on this page too but decided to use illustrations of the photos.

The advice on this page, I hope, will be of some benefit to young job seekers who read this article because if I was looking for employment then I think that I would find it useful (although a lot of it is common sense).

Well onto the next page.

Any recommendations for the final double spread would be appreciated, remembering that the mag is for young men stepping out into the big wide world who may need a helping hand.